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Optima Legal Tech

Optima LegalTech is the first Legal Tech company in Oman providing software solutions dedicated to legal professionals.

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Encouraged by the attractive incentives the Sultanate of Oman has to offer, Optima Legal Technology LLC “Optima LegalTech”, was incorporated under the Foreign Capital Investment Law as the first LegalTech company in Oman that aims to digitize and revolutionize the local legal services provision through technology.

Powered by a unique range of specialties, knowledge and practical experiences, the founders of Optima LegalTech team are well equipped to lead and guide the Company in its journey towards achieving its vision of becoming the ultimate destination for technology legal professionals.


Solutions & Services

LAWRTAL™ is proudly our first product. The initial phase of our launch will include a full legal database of the laws of Oman in Arabic. As it grows, more features and tools will be added. Examples include linking a certain Oman Law article with the related Supreme Court of Oman's principles, Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs’ Fatwas and other legal references, making your experience richer, more thorough, but above all, meetings your needs and satisfactory to your search. LAWRTAL™ will be the true Lawyers’ portal to the world of LegalTech.

In addition to LAWRTAL™, we proudly provide you with high quality, custom built LegalTech solutions such as:

  • Legal practice management
  • Workflow and document automation
  • Time Management and billing
  • Contract and court case management
  • Remote dispute resolution and other solutions

At Optima LegalTech, we put machine learning and artificial intelligence in action for the benefit of legal professionals through a user-friendly tool.

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